Is the Freedom Fight for both men and women?

Yes. The FF is addressed to men but women who struggle with a pornography/sex addiction will benefit just as much from the program. All the principles of recovery will apply to both as do the tools we will equip you with. Don’t just take our word for it but see the comments below from a couple of women campus ministers who took other women through the program.


“As a female campus minister, The Freedom Fight has been an incredible resource to help the women I’ve taken through it understand the sexual addiction that they are dealing with.  Knowing how the body responds during addictive thinking and developing tools to combat that thought process made a huge difference in creating new and healthy patterns.  The women who participated in this program made small steps each week to break their cycle of addiction by implementing the accountability and principles from the Freedom Fight!”

– Hannah Manry, Collegiate minister, CU Boulder


“I think that anyone, no matter whether you struggle with sexual addiction or not, should go through the FF course because it brings awareness to your overall emotional and spiritual health.”

– Carrie, female campus minister