Non-Technical Questions

The two courses are the same except the marrieds have 5 videos specifically geared toward the husband and the unique challenges he needs to face.

If you can’t check in because the check in boxes give you a nil sign it means you have already checked in for that day.

After seven days of daily check-ins your weekly check-in needs to be reset in order to start they daily check-ins for a new week. So go to the weekly check in and hit reset.

That is the stage of the FASTER scale you were in. Then how do you know if you are in restoration or relapse? The color of the box with be either green or red respectively.

To watch a video again, go to the bottom of your dashboard where each video will populate after it has been watched initially. From there you can watch the videos as many times as you like.

If you have navigated to another page you can get back to the home page by clicking the logo at the top left corner of the website.

No. We will coach you up early in the course about how to approach someone to be your accountability if you don’t have one. Accountability is an essential part of recovery but you don’t have to have it in place in order to start the program.

No. Only one group member needs to purchase the small group module so the group can watch together through his account. Everyone should pay for the main FF program so they can have access to the fight club and the accountability features but the small group module can be shared. The main FF program is what you pay for when you sign up and then after sign up you can add small groups.

It will take 16-23 weeks if you go through it individually and 18-25 weeks if you go through the small group module. The groups that do one video a week can extend it to close to a year.

We recommend 2-3 videos per week. The goal is life change and it takes time to implement the training. I know some groups that watched one per week because they want the group to last longer for accountability. I wouldn’t suggest more than 2-3 but you can go less if you want to extend to program and group experience.

Women are welcome for sure! The Freedom Fight is designed for men but women who struggle with a pornography/sex addiction would also greatly benefit from the program. The foundational principles of recovery will apply to both. We want to get feedback from women who go through the Freedom Fight, so that at some point we can offer something more specifically for women.

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Technical Questions

Yes. At the top of the check-in you can pick a time zone and even a specific time and day.

Be sure you are logging in to the website using the same email address you entered when signing up. If the problem persists, please contact tech support.

If you want to go back to the home page you can click on The Freedom Fight logo in the top left corner of the website.

A video freezing can have many causes. The most frequent are: 1) Slow Internet Connection 2) An interrupted internet connection; perhaps due to switching from Mobile Data usage to WiFi 3) Video playback can consume computer resources. Try closing other browser tabs or unused programs.

The Getting Started video is designed to pop up until you start watching the video program. Once you finish the first video and click to unlock the second one it will no longer pop up.

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