A biblically rooted discipleship tool to equip your church to address the growing Christian porn problem.

A Needed Discipleship Tool

Only 7% of Pastors surveyed said their church had any program available for their church members who are struggling with pornography while statistics say 64% of Christian men are using pornography monthly or more. Addressing porn in your church is an incredible opportunity for deep discipleship. You can learn more about the massive need to address the Christian porn problem here.

John O’brien, Pastor, The Avenue Church
How Can the Freedom Fight Help?

We have multiple great tools available to help give you a clear path for helping others find freedom through deep discipleship. Our three most prominent tools are The Freedom Fight book, our 30-Day Challenge, and our comprehensive six-month program. The Freedom Fight is a pay it forward ministry which means our 30-Day Challenge and main program are free to use! We ask that if your church is enjoying it and is seeing life change that you would consider paying it forward for the next church.

Getting Real

Launching the FF in Your Church

Launching the Freedom Fight in your church can range greatly depending on your church’s needs and culture. Our tools can be used in multiple contexts from one to one discipleship to small groups or even in larger group settings.. As a pastor you have many responsibilities and taking on another “program” may feel overwhelming or even impossible. The Freedom Fight does not need to be a big program at your church, but a discipleship tool either you and or your leaders can use to equip your church body. We want to encourage you with a few tips to help you bring genuine freedom to your congregation without having to drop everything to organize and facilitate this ministry.

Pray for a faithful man to lead this ministry in your church

As a pastor you may not have any more capacity at this moment to tackle this alone. We have seen great success when faithful men in the church spearhead leading Freedom Fight small groups in their church. Pray and look for someone in your church body who God has given a heart to help other men in this area. Oftentimes it’s the men who God has delivered from this sin that He mobilizes to help others.

Equip yourself or the Faithful Man

Once the point person for leading this ministry is established, whether as a pastor or a layman, getting familiar with the program is the next step. The best way to do this is to download our Leader’s Guide, download our app and create an account then watch the leader’s videos in the Leader’s Portal. Doing these three things will give you or your men a great overview and training of how to launch a group and use our program.

Build awareness for the new ministry

Every church is different with how they introduce new ministries, consider how you will let your congregation know about this new ministry and how they can get involved or get help. Presenting the ministry opportunity in a non shaming way is vital for participation. The shame that surrounds someone who is using pornography is burdensome and will often times keep those who are struggling from getting help. Avoid having public signup sheets after service or in front of other people.

It is vital to present this as an equipping issue for everyone versus just a recovery issue for those who struggle. Some begin with using the 30 Day challenge as an equipping class. It is presented as “this is such a pervasive and destructive issue today that we need more people equipped to understand this issue so we can help others walk in freedom.” This will bring both the struggler and the non-struggler who wants to help others walk in freedom. At the end of the 30 Day Challenge you can identify leaders and transition into the Main FF small groups for those who need freedom. If that seems too much, just focus on the next point.

Focus on the first group

Once you have a leader willing to lead the first group, focus on getting that group started! It is easy sometimes to get focused on the bigger vision without taking the first step. Getting the first group started will help your church determine the best way to start future groups.

If you are a pastor or ministry leader and would like to speak with a Freedom Fight staff person about launching a Freedom Fight ministry in your church please let us know here and we would love to connect with you.

Launching Future Groups

We have seen God move in unbelievable ways when men or women have the opportunity to join a small group. The confidentiality, being fully known, developing authentic relationships, growing in their identity in Christ and learning practical tools produces an opportunity to disciple men or women at a deep level. Below is a testimony from David.

“I’ve been addicted to porn and masturbation for around 15 years. I actively tried for many years to break free by joining accountability groups, recovery programs, biblical counseling and even saw a certified sexual addiction therapist. All of these solutions were helpful in some ways, but none of them offered the resources I needed to heal and find lasting freedom from my addiction.

It wasn’t until I joined a Freedom Fight course offered through my church that I began experiencing freedom. I’d never before come across a more well rounded and comprehensive recovery program as Freedom Fight. The program addresses all facets of porn addiction and provided me with very practical as well as biblical resources to help uncover wounds of my past and grow in my awareness of internal emotions and external triggers making me vulnerable to temptation.

Before using Freedom Fight I struggled to open up to my wife about my sexual sin. After committing myself to the core practices in this program, I learned the power of living in honesty about my addiction. Through regular confession to my wife, I was able to rebuild the trust that my porn addiction threatened. She now walks with me as a partner and encourager in my fight for purity.

Furthermore, God has used Freedom Fight to transform my walk with Him. Before going through the program I was still a slave to the bondage of my sin. Now I walk confidently in my purity as Christ calls me to. I’ve now had seven months of abstinence from porn and masturbation and am helping other men find freedom as well.”

When men and women in the Church find freedom and get more grounded in their identity in Christ the church gains leaders ready to multiply the ministry. David is now leading others through the Freedom Fight and is going through his church’s Pastoral residency program.

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