Our Story

Founding the
Freedom Fight

As a 30-year veteran of a national collegiate discipleship ministry, Ted Shimer has seen firsthand the impact of porn use on generations of young adults. In 2004, he started seeing an increase in the number of men addicted to porn, and the national ministry identified porn as the biggest obstacle to building godly leaders for Christ. This huge hole in the discipleship needed to be addressed. In 2007 the ministry led all the men on staff through a porn addiction recovery program, so they could be better equipped to help men break free. 2007 was also the year the first smartphone launched, which has taken pornography access and addiction to a whole new level.

10+ Years of Program Research

Since 2007, Ted has been through and evaluated over twenty different porn addiction recovery programs and resources. He utilized some of these programs with different staff and students. During this time he also was trained as a Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional-Supervisor to include the best clinical training in his discipleship and programs. Through this process, Ted identified and refined the key principles of an effective recovery program, which formed the foundation of the Freedom Fight launched in 2017. The Freedom Fight is a ministry of Student Mobilization.

Our Mission
The Freedom Fight equips men and women to break free from pornography so they can run their race and reach their God given potential in Christ.
Our Discipleship

Our program provides a discipleship resource that helps Christians outgrow a porn addiction, so they can run the race God has in store for them. Hebrews 12:1 says, “let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us”. We want to help people run free so they can reach their potential as godly leaders.

Helping people break free from porn is an opportunity to help people internalize the truths of God like they never have before. Living free is the path to a deeper walk with God and to pursuing God’s purposes wholeheartedly. We partner with other ministries, churches and disciple-makers to help address porn addiction among their people with Christ-centered solutions. We want to help them disciple their people out of a porn habit by helping them grow holistically – mind, body and spirit.

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