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64% of men and an increasing amount of women are using porn monthly and yet only 7% of churches say they have any kind of program to help them. The Church needs more men and women who are equipped to help others find freedom.

You Can Lead

Whether you have a freedom testimony or have never struggled personally with pornography, you can lead others to a life of freedom. Have you ever led a bible study or another small group at your church? Leading a Freedom Fight small group at your church is very similar! As a group leader you do not have to have all the answers, but commit to investing in the lives of those in your group and be a fellow learner. Don’t underestimate how God wants to use you to impact His Kingdom by helping men or women find freedom.

Blake Brewer, Legacy Letter Founder

Equipping You to Lead

Check out our Ministry Leader’s Toolkit to learn about our discipleship approach to equipping churches in a Freedom Ministry. We want to help you be successful in leading a Freedom Fight group at your church. The first step to leading a FF group is to read our Leader’s Guide! This will walk you through every step needed to launch your first group as well as provide a weekly guide for each group meeting. Be sure to download it here.

After reading through the Leader’s Guide, download our app and create a free Freedom Fight account. Once you sign in, go to the Leader’s Portal and watch the four leader’s videos. Doing this will give you an overview of the app, you will learn how to add your group members to your group, and you can start going through the Freedom Fight.

Launching Your Ministry!

Do you already have a group of men or women you will be leading? If so, you can go ahead and launch your small group using the Leader’s Guide. If not, who is someone you can share your ministry vision with? Are there other men or pastors you can share your vision with and ask to see if they know anyone who is struggling with pornography and could be interested in joining your group?

The reality is, that the majority of people struggling with pornography will not reach out for help because of the shame associated with it. A powerful way to deshame the topic is to first lead a 30-Day Challenge group. The 30-Day Challenge is designed for both the struggler and those who want to help them. Inviting people to go through the 30-Day Challenge to grow in holiness and be equipped to help others is a great way to deshame the topic and get more men involved. You can then launch your first Freedom Fight group after the 30-Day Challenge group. You can sign up for the30-Day Challengeor and download the 30-Day Challenge Leader’s Guide.

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