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For anyone ready to be free of the destructive power of pornography, our Flagship Program gives breakthrough biblical and clinical insights, practical tools and step-by-step training to guide you.

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Why Our Flagship Program Works

The Freedom Fight’s Flagship Program is a no-cost porn recovery program that blends brain science, clinical practices, and biblical wisdom to help men and women find freedom. We understand the full spectrum of factors that drive compulsive porn use — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual — and how to overcome them for good.

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What to Expect

Our Flagship Program has an 86% success rate.

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Thousands have found freedom. You can too.

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How Our Flagship Program Works:


Create Your Free & Private Account

Sign up is quick and simple. Only an email and username required. Your privacy during every step of the process is our highest priority.


Complete the Video Course on the App or Online

As a member of the Freedom Fight community, you can take advantage of our online platform and app, which have been designed with you in mind.


Find Freedom & Healing in Community

All of our materials, while private and confidential, will point you towards building a community of Fighters around you to support you and walk with you on your journey to freedom that lasts.

Outgrow Porn

Live the life you are called to live.

Freedom Fight is a robust discipleship program that helps you outgrow pornography by developing in key areas of life. Freedom is possible but no one gets free on their own.

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Watch Short, Powerful Videos

In the 25 week program, you’ll be guided by expert Ted Shimer through a series of 5 8 minute videos and a Bible study for each lesson to unleash the power of God s word in your life.

Each video will provide key principles that address the 6 roots of pornography addiction, along with practical steps to find freedom.

Find Healing for You & Your Brain

Understanding the brain science behind a pornography addiction is the key to realizing it’s not a matter of “just trying harder” to stop. Many porn users have given up hope of ever getting free.

The game changer is that freedom is possible when we replace the powerful pathways porn builds in the brain. God tells us to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” in Romans 12:2. The more we learn about the brain the more we understand this verse.

Get Accountability & Community

Addictions thrive in isolation but lose their power in the light of community. Every sex addiction therapist will tell you the same thing: they have never seen an addict find real freedom on their own. If you don t have an accountability partner, sign up for the Flagship Program to get access to our FF community where you can find others looking for an accountability partner.

Maintain Your Privacy

Only an email and username are required to start our Flagship Program. The protection of your privacy is our highest priority during every step of the process.

If you’ve felt the endless cycle of going back to acting out sexually with pornography after promising yourself you wouldn’t go back, The Freedom Fight is for you. It gave me the confidence, resources and hope that I’ve been searching for to win in the area of my sexual purity that I had lost in for so many years.


For most of my life I’ve felt ensnared by pornography and sexual addiction with little hope that I would ever really finding freedom from the bondage and grip it had on my life. The Freedom Fight was one of the first resources that gave me the necessary knowledge to understand my addiction and equip me with practical tools to walk in the freedom I always hoped existed.


This series provided me with increased accountability and a realistic game plan to combat my sinful nature by helping me understand my emotions and past habits. The understanding and tools it gave me increased my conviction for walking in the light and walking in purity.


Freedom Fight Guarantees:

We will protect your privacy.
We’ll be with you during each step.
You can find freedom.

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