The Freedom Fight was founded by Ted Shimer, who graduated with a Master of Biblical Studies (MABS) from Dallas Theological Seminary. Ted was trained as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and is a Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional(PSAP). His training was through IITAP, the organization of world renown sex addiction authority Dr. Patrick Carnes.

Ted has mentored college students professionally since 1991 with the collegiate Christian ministry Student Mobilization. Helping young men overcome the bondage of pornography has been a part of his mentoring from the beginning. But it was the epidemic level of porn addiction on the college campus, combined with the lack of effective, affordable and Biblically based recovery options that gave birth to The Freedom Fight. Through the collective experience of Ted and his team the principles of recovery that work have become obvious. They are passionate about helping others understand and apply these principles so they can find freedom.