About Freedom Fight

About Freedom Fight

The Freedom Fight is the no-cost porn recovery program that blends brain science, clinical practices, and biblical wisdom to help men and women find freedom. We understand the full spectrum of factors that drive compulsive porn use — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. For anyone ready to be free of the destructive power of pornography, the Freedom Fight delivers breakthrough insights, practical tools and step-by-step training to guide you.

Our Goal
is to help you outgrow porn
The goal of our program isn’t just to stop watching porn, but also to find genuine freedom so you can live the life you’re called to live. Freedom Fight is a robust discipleship that helps you outgrow pornography by developing in key areas of life. Freedom is possible but no one gets free on their own — we’ll guide your journey to get there.
It All Starts With Healing the Brain

Understanding the brain science behind a pornography addiction is the key to realizing it’s not a matter of “just trying harder” to stop. Many porn users have given up hope of ever getting free. The game changer is that freedom is possible when we replace the powerful pathways porn builds in the brain. God asks us to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” in Romans 12:2. The more we learn about the brain the more we understand this verse.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change by building new neurological connections. These new pathways are formed through new habits and learning. You can shrink old pathways, but to stop bad behaviors these pathways must be replaced by new ones. Our easy, powerful tools help you heal the brain and build new pathways, redeeming the whole self from the shame of pornography.

Your Journey, Our Guidance

If you have the determination to walk the path to freedom but haven’t found your way, let us be your guide. We help people not only stop looking at porn, but also apply biblical and clinical principles so you can become healthy across all aspects of life. 

We’ve developed a simple quiz to help you determine if your pornography use is a problem. 

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Why Our Program is Free

We are determined to save a generation of men and women from the poison of pornography. So much porn is available for free, we won’t win if the remedies are costly. We believe a free recovery program is the best way to reach and help as many people as possible who are struggling with pornography use. For this reason, our organization is funded entirely by generous donor support rather than subscription or curriculum fees.

Your Support Matters

Those who have seen results, personally or in a loved one, often “pay it forward” by investing in others finding freedom. Donations to the Freedom Fight enable us to remove obstacles to help set more people free. Those fighting for freedom from pornography should be able to seek redemption and recovery without the roadblocks of shame or finances. Your donation will be an investment in the Kingdom of God as more of God’s people are set free to pursue His purposes.

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No one quits porn alone.
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