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The Freedom Fight exists to provide proven porn addiction recovery tools for group leaders. With our guidance, you can help your people escape the snare of porn and live up to their God-given potential in Christ.

The Freedom Fight app is free for group leaders and their people.


Josh McDowell, Speaker, Author, Evangelist, Apologist
How It Works
The journey to freedom is guided by our 3 proven steps
1. Watch and Respond

to 5-8 minute videos that unpack proven principles of recovery

Your journey to freedom begins with dozens of engaging videos that guide you through the key principles of addiction and recovery. 2-3 videos per week give you time to consider, apply, and practice the principles you’re learning.

2. Practice and Apply

what you learn for life change

All of our content is biblically based, scientifically informed, and easily applied in real life. We will highlight core applications and practices, while providing tools for you to monitor your progress. We provide a journaling study guide to help you take notes, achor the concepts, and reflect on the biblical principles during each video lesson.

3. Stay Accountable

through daily check-ins and recommended group meetings

Accountability partners of your choosing will help you evaluate your progress and overcome obstacles as you go through the program. The ultimate goal isn’t to get through the program quickly, but rather to experience the life change and that happens as you digest and apply the content. Staying accountable through daily check-ins on the App will help ensure you are applying what you learn.

Why Groups?

No one gets free from porn on their own. Every person needs accountability. In a study of hundreds of recovered sex and porn addicts who were asked to rank the most helpful factors that led to their freedom, two themes emerged:

  • Reliance on God
  • A supportive small group

A small group can provide acceptance, safety, accountability, encouragement and opportunities for processing that can’t be found any other way. Support like that combats shame, makes the love of God tangible, and is essential for an individual’s recovery. You can provide it.

What Kind of Group?

Any group that meets regularly and wants to see freedom from porn can go through the Freedom Fight as a small group. All that’s required is consistency.

Even if you don’t have a background in porn addiction. You don’t have to have all the answers, but can be a fellow learner as you facilitate and follow our lead each week. Your job is to facilitate and provide accountability and encouragement. We will provide the expertise.

Whether you have a Bible study, an accountability group, a men’s or women’s group, or a youth group, we’ll equip you to lead well.

Equipping You to Lead


Leader’s Guide

A step-by step guide to leading a Freedom Fight small group. We walk you through everything you need to know to launch and lead a successful group.

Leader’s Portal

This contains short videos that will coach you up on different aspects of leading your group. It also has resources and tools to help you lead and stay connected with your group member’s progress.

Study Guide

The Freedom Fight Study Guide has a note-taking outline for each lesson as well as a Bible study that brings Biblical wisdom to bear on each topic. This has proven to be a powerful tool as it undergirds each lesson with the authority of God’s Word. We strongly recommend the leader and group members utilize the Study Guide.

Tech to Help You Connect

Creating a small group on our app is easy and enables all group members to stay connected and accountable with each other. Daily check-ins, messages and other chat features will be easily accessible in one place.

Getting Started


Step 1) Download the App and Create an Account


Step 2) Download our Comprehensive Leader’s Guide

Our leader’s guide is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through everything you need to know to launch and lead a successful group. In our leader’s guide we will teach you how to start and launch a group, give you our recommended schedule for lessons to complete each week, and our weekly group meeting discussion questions that follow the recommended schedule.

Step 3) Utilize the Leader’s Portal

In our leader’s portal you will find other Leader’s videos and resources to help you maximize the Freedom Fight with your group as well as track your groups progress and participation.

Step 4) Start your Group

Invite the people you are investing in to join your group and get started.

Help Others Find Freedom

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The Freedom Fight is an answer to prayer for what I believe is the greatest threat facing the Church today… internet pornography. This program is a MUST for every church today.

Josh McDowell
Author & Speaker

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