The Freedom Fight: The New Drug and the Truths That Set Us Free (by Ted Shimer)


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Today’s pornography stimulates the brain like other addictive drugs and is hooking a generation. No one is immune–men, women, young, or old–to the destructive power of porn. It is waging war against a walk with Christ, a godly marriage (or future marriage), and is sidelining God’s people from Kingdom service.

This book shows a path to true, lasting freedom with a biblical, clinical, and gospel-centered approach to recovery. You will learn the six roots of porn addiction and how to effectively address them. Before God’s truth sets us free, it changes us. And because it changes us, the freedom lasts. Whether you need to quit porn yourself or you want to be equipped to help others, this book is for you. What if addressing a great threat to the Church is also a great opportunity for revival and growth? We are seeing it happen, and if you apply the principles in this book, you can see it happen, too.

In The Freedom Fight, you will learn…
  • why a tsunami of addiction is coming and what we can do about it.
  • the brutal impact of pornography on marriages, spiritual lives and churches.
  • how to stop watching porn for good.
  • how porn impacts the brain and how to renew your mind.
  • why quitting porn is so hard and the keys to make it happen.
  • the six roots of a porn addiction and how to effectively address each one.
  • a tool to help you resist temptation and build new brain pathways.

About the Author

Ted Shimer

Ted has mentored men since 1991 with the collegiate ministry Student Mobilization. He received his MABS from Dallas Seminary and was trained as a Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional-Supervisor.

His discipleship background, theological instruction and world class clinical training gives Ted a unique and grounded approach to porn addiction recovery that is biblically based, scientifically sound, gospel centered and effective.

Ted is the Founder of The Freedom Fight, an online porn addiction recovery program. Ted and his wife Amber have four adult children and live in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

What Leaders and Experts are saying…

“This book is an answer to prayer for what I believe is the greatest threat to the Church today. You can’t get any better than The Freedom Fight. It is better than anything I could write on the topic of pornography.”
Josh McDowell,
Evangelical apologist and author or co-author of over 150 books
Craig Groeschel,
Pastor of Life.Church, New York Times Best-Selling Author
“The growing problem of porn addiction has taken ground in millions of lives, and it’s time to fight it with the only power that overcomes—the power of Christ. Ted Shimer has taken this problem by storm and gives readers the hope and restoration they need to fight this battle and win.”
“There is no more immediate problem in western civilization than the presence of pornography. Young men and women are having their entire adult lives robbed from them. The church will be forced to deal with this issue one way or another. Ted Shimer’s book gives a biblical perspective, analysis, and path to follow. Any person in ministry had best read this book.”
Tommy Nelson,
Pastor, Denton Bible Church and Board Member, Dallas Theological Seminary
Dr. Ted Roberts,
Founder of Pure Desire Ministries, Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional, and Supervisor / Co-Creator of Conquer Series
“I have counseled men and women in the church who are battling with sexual brokenness for over thirty years and have written fifteen books on the subject. So when I say I am profoundly excited about Ted Shimer’s book, it is for very practical reasons. This book is unique because it cuts through all the psychobabble of the day and presents in concise bullet points the core of the issues. You are going to be provoked, stimulated, and brought to a new depth of comprehension regarding the problem of and solution for sexual brokenness.”
“Porn enters my room and sits on my sofa every single day as a therapist in one capacity or another. Ted Shimer does an excellent job of explaining the what, why, and how behind porn addiction in a way everyone can understand. Ted also does a beautiful job of revealing where true freedom resides … in Christ. The principles in this book provide a therapeutically sound and scripturally inspired path for successful recovery … for freedom.”
Susan Goss,
MED, MS Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Founder of Tangible Truth Ministries
Jonathan JP Pokluda,
Best-selling author of Welcome to Adulting, Lead Pastor of Harris Creek in Waco, TX
“The Freedom Fight combines God’s Word with expansive research and personal stories to paint a clear picture of true freedom. This book will be a powerful tool for any leader who is shepherding men and women through the process of recovery.”
“Working with men for over forty years, I have witnessed firsthand the explosive plague of pornography sweeping over our country. That being the case, we desperately need the insights of my friend, Ted Shimer, and the help his book The Freedom Fight provides. It powerfully awakens us to how extensive the bondage of pornography is. But even more importantly, it offers us a real path to freedom. Ted Shimer has answers. Life-giving answers. I highly recommend his book.”
Dr. Robert Lewis,
Pastor, Author, and Founder of Men’s Fraternity