Porn’s Effect On Health

The Health Effects of Pornography

The side effects of porn addiction can negatively impact your brain, spiritual, sexual, emotional, and relational health no matter who you are.

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Porn keeps you from experiencing God’s best in relationships, in marriage, in sex, and in your walk with God. It negatively impacts your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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woman prayingPornography isn’t just a guy problem. More and more women are watching porn and getting addicted to it. Women are just as impacted by the negative effects of porn as men.

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married couple
Porn is false intimacy, and it’s isolating. The impact of pornography use on marriages is devastating. Porn undermines marriages and fills them with lies and deceit. But there is hope for your marriage to survive and thrive.

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Parenting in today’s pornified culture requires getting educated so you can effectively help your children navigate the landmines of porn. It requires more than just the sex talk.

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teenTeenagers are the group most at risk when it comes to porn addiction. Developing an addiction during your teen years typically means the problem has deep roots that are challenging to overcome.

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Never have so many Christian youth consumed so much pornography. These are future Christian husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and church leaders having their hearts and minds captured by porn. And the impact is more destructive than we think.

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How Porn Affects Your Brain

Prolonged porn use alters the physical structure of the brain and creates a dopamine cycle that becomes harder and harder to break free from.

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appleHow Porn Affects Your Spiritual Health

The size and scale of the pornography problem within the Christian church is well-documented and growing, and the negative spiritual impact is measurable.

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hand with phoneHow Porn Impacts Your Relationships

More and more studies are proving how toxic porn is for all types of relationships: from marriages and romantic relationships to all types of friendships. It also fuels feelings of shame, depression, and isolation.

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pill bottlesHow Porn Impacts Your Emotional Health

While porn is used as a quick fix to negative emotions and as a temporary pain killer, the negative consequences are enormous. Aside from feelings of shame and depression, porn can stunt your emotional development and shortchange your EQ (emotional intelligence).

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How Porn Impacts Your Sexual Health

handshake in chainsThose who use porn have less satisfying sex lives or they are unable to have sex at all. Whether it is the explosion of Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction or the tripling of sexlessness by young men in the last ten years porn is having a negative impact on sex.

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