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Whether the ministry you are leading or involved with is working with college students, working professionals, parents, men or women, pornography is likely keeping many of your people from running the race that God has for them “lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us” Hebrews 12:1. Addressing the sexual bondage of pornography is an opportunity for deep discipleship and an opportunity to release spiritually mature believers who are set free to run the race that God has for them without the weight of porn holding them back.


Tyler McMahan, Cru Staff

Equipping Your Leaders to Lead

We have worked with and equipped many ministries to address this issue head on.
Whether you or your staff have a freedom testimony, or if you have never struggled personally with pornography, you can still lead others to a life of freedom!

We want to help equip you and your staff how to lead a successful Freedom Fight Group. The first step to leading a Freedom Fight group is to read our Leader’s Guide! The Leader’s Guide will walk you through every step needed to launch your first group as well as give you a weekly guide for each group meeting. Be sure to download it here.

If you would like additional training, we do offer a personalize training to ministry teams who are using the Freedom Fight to help their men and women who are struggling with pornography. You can reach out to us here and we will follow up with you to schedule a training session!


Ministry Leader’s Toolkit

Check out our comprehensive set of tools for a discipleship program to minister to your people to outgrow pornography. From our full Freedom Fight Program to the 30DC email service, you can outfit your ministry with these tools that are free, effective, and ready to deploy right now.

Check it out here!

Want more info about our Certification Training?

Our Certification Roadmap walks you through an overview of our 6-week certification process so you can get clarity on what you need to start helping others get free from a porn or sex addiction!

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Launching a Small Group

Launching your first Freedom Fight small group in your ministry is a lot easier than it may sound! The Freedom Fight offers several different programs you can use, the first option is to do the 30-Day Challenge. Deshaming the topic of porn is critical to opening your people up to even talking about their struggle with porn. The 30-Day Challenge is a great tool to deshame porn and introduce people to the Freedom Fight. This tool will also help them get started on their freedom journey and it takes less than 10 minutes a day and is completely free.

A key step to having an effective group is making sure you are entrusting to reliable people (2 Timothy 2:2). The 30-Day Challenge is powerful for determining which people are serious about finding freedom. If someone completes each day of the challenge and wants to continue, they will likely be a great group member for our Freedom Fight program. Option two is to start our Freedom Fight program, we recommend 4-6 group members and it will take around 6-months to complete. Our Leader’s Guide walks you through every step on how to set up your group and how to lead your group well including a weekly guide and recommended schedule to maximize your group time.


Dave Edwards, Stumo Staff

Focus on your First Group

Deciding to address the issue of pornpgraphy is an amazing opportunity for deep discipleship. If you have several leaders ready to lead a group then by all means launch several groups at once. But know, it can be easy to get too focused on the bigger vision of having a thriving ministry with lots of groups where men and women are finding freedom. Focus on getting your first group started! Starting your first group well will help your ministry get its feet wet in this area and create a foundation where members in your group could multiply and start their own groups.

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