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You’re not alone.

Completely stopping a porn habit may seem like an impossible goal. You’ve probably vowed “one last time” countless times, only to fall back into the snare of shame pornography brings once again. But take heart: nearly 90% of those who complete the Freedom Fight program and are committed to our 3 core habits find freedom.

Every person’s freedom story is unique and reflects a personal point in their journey toward lasting freedom. The stories and testimonies below have been shared by those who want to encourage you that freedom truly is possible.

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Andrew B
John O’Brien

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Break the endless cycle

If you’ve felt the endless cycle of going back to acting out sexually with pornography after promising yourself you wouldn’t go back, The Freedom Fight is for you. It gave me the confidence, resources and hope that I’ve been searching for to win in the area of my sexual purity that I had lost in for so many years.

Jason Kuhlman

Life changing every time!

As a college minister who is seeing the consequences of a pornified and sexually charged culture on a daily basis. I’ve taken dozens and dozens of college men through The Freedom Fight and it continues to prove life changing every time.

Jason Kuhlman, Campus Ministry Director

Hannah M

Women breaking the cycle of their addiction

As a female campus minister, I went through the Freedom Fight with two female students. The Freedom Fight has been an incredible resource to help them understand the sexual addiction that they are dealing with. Knowing how the body responds during addictive thinking and developing tools to combat that thought process made a huge difference in creating new and healthy patterns. The women who participated in this program made small steps each week to break their cycle of addiction by implementing the accountability and ideas from the Freedom Fight!

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Colby Kinggard

5 Years Free

I started watching porn as early as 5th grade. By the time I was in high school it was nearly a daily occurrence. As I got older I developed a general distrust of women, lack of ability to emotionally connect with a woman and was desensitized to sexual activity with women.

I was introduced to Freedom Fight by a group of men I looked up to who told me it helped them improve their lives without actually telling me beforehand what the subject matter was. After following the series (and rewatching it three more times), it helped expose so many root issues behind negative behaviors, thoughts, or feelings I was exhibiting. I didn't realize how intertwined life traumas and sexual actions were, and how they were connected. Both watching porn and hooking up were coping mechanisms I was tied to. Now I know I don't have to chase the next video or partner to feel temporarily satisfied or confidence. Preparing for my current marriage and being a married man today, I wouldn't trade the freedom that comes with loving God and loving my wife for anything. Freedom Fight didn't just give me the head knowledge, but also the practices to fight the habits, behaviors, and thoughts that lead to the prison of pornography and experience consistent satisfaction rather than the fix that was porn. I refuse to force my wife to share me with actresses in pornography videos, and this lifestyle can be pointed back to when I was first introduced to Freedom Fight. Through this fight, my relationships with other guys like me have only increased as well, holding each other accountable and building each other up with a sense of brotherhood that I can't imagine being able to build through any means other than our shared love of the Lord and desires for purity. I have been walking in freedom for five years and truly don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t been introduced to the FF.... Read More >>

John O’Brien

I finally have a resource I can recommend without qualifications

The FF is excellent!! I have read tons of books on getting free from porn to help both myself and other men. The Freedom Fight is the only resource I found that does justice to the brain science yet does not capitulate to the unbiblical presuppositions of our age. No small feat! I finally have a resource I can recommend without qualifications. This has helped the men in my group experience genuine freedom.

By the grace of God, the FF is igniting a fire of warriors for love and purity here in South Florida.

John O’Brien, pastor
...

Andrew B.

I praise God for the FF and the almost 5 years of freedom

After coming to Christ in college, I struggled to find freedom from porn. I had an 8 year addiction that was reaping havoc on my new relationship with Christ, I felt alone, full of shame, guilty and like a hypocrite. It wasn't until I joined a Freedom Fight small group where I began to start understanding my struggle in a holistic way. While going through the Freedom Fight in a small group I began to grow in my identity in Christ, deepening relationships with other men who truly knew me and learning practical tools that I could use everyday to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. I found freedom from the physical acting out fairly quickly in my small group (around 5 months), but I actually decided to go through the Freedom Fight a second time to solidify what I had learned and to stay in an authentic community. I praise God for the Freedom Fight and the almost 5 years of freedom I have experienced since then!... Read More >>

Kit K

Tough but great experience

The freedom fight group has helped me reconnect with God and really understand who he is and who I am to him. Also The relationships in my Life especially my marriage have seen NewLife and grown quite a bit. It has been a Tough but great experience.

John D. Foubert, Ph.D.

By far the best online program available

The Freedom Fight is by far the best online program available to combat the struggles young men have with pornography from a Biblical worldview. The great strength of these videos is the perfect balance of high quality production, a charismatic speaker, Biblical truth, and up to date science. I wholeheartedly endorse The Freedom Fight and I hope it will be used by people across the nation.

John D. Foubert, Ph.D.
Author, How Pornography Harms


Unbelievable 3 plus years of freedom

The victory I was shooting for was to not allow myself to engage in sexual fantasy that would culminate in masturbation. The Freedom fight has helped me to BRACE against this kind of temptation. For me this has been a 40-year battle. I am on three years plus of freedom which in my world is unbelievable. Seriously, I don’t believe it. But it is true.


Had little hope I’d ever break free; FF showed me freedom does exist

For most of my life I’ve felt ensnared by pornography and sexual addiction with little hope that I would ever really finding freedom from the bondage and grip it had on my life. The Freedom Fight was one of the first resources that gave me the necessary knowledge to understand my addiction and equip me with practical tools to walk in the freedom I always hoped existed.

Alex Lerza


The Freedom Fight offers one of the most impactful and thorough courses I have seen when it comes to helping people find freedom from porn and sex addiction. The course does a great job of integrating principles for addiction recovery from neuroscience, Biblical wisdom and psychology.

Alex Lerza, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Co-Founder of rTribe.


Holistic approach beats the $$ I spent on therapy!

The whole series was great! Very helpful! I love the holistic approach they have with everything. I've tried overcoming this stuff for years, even paying a lot of money to see a therapist. Nothing has been quite as successful as my recent efforts with the Freedom Fight videos.

Tyler McMahan, Cru Staff

The number one thing God has used to bless our ministry!

The number one thing God has used to bless our ministry is the Freedom Fight. What the Freedom Fight has done for my guys is help them lose their shame and grow in their experience of God’s love. All twelve of my guys going through the program have begun to share their faith because they are excited about their faith again. Three of the twelve have already started up FF groups with others before they are even finished. Anyone I disciple will go through the freedom fight.


‘Just trying harder’ is a fool’s errand

These videos have began to equip me with the necessary tools for freedom in my battle for purity. After learning the brain science behind sexual addiction, I understood that I simply couldn't just try harder and expect to walk in purity! This has been pivotal as I learn to "live in the light." Overall, the FF videos have played and will continue to play a vital role in understanding my addiction and overcoming it.


Realistic game plan

This series provided me with increased accountability and a realistic game plan to combat my sinful nature by helping me understand my emotions and past habits. The understanding and tools it gave me increased my conviction for walking in the light and walking in purity

Nick Stumbo

engaging, comprehensive look at winning your battle for the long haul

For a generation that grew up in the digital era, the resources available to help young men battle for purity are few and far between. The Freedom Fight is an engaging, comprehensive look at winning your battle for the long haul. This resource- the videos and tools- will help young men understand what is needed to be victorious. Be courageous and take this journey! You'll be glad you did.

Nick Stumbo
Executive Director Pure Desire Ministries

Ben Bennett

THE top online platform in the world

As one who is part of a team that has evaluated over 100 different porn addiction recovery resources, I view the Freedom Fight as THE top online platform for porn addiction recovery in the world.

Ben Bennett, Co-author of Living Free / Josh McDowell Ministry


Awesome tools

The Freedom fight program has helped me really analyze my emotions/feelings for the first time and realize how things in my life can lead to a relapse days or weeks later. It has also given me awesome tools for combating my urge to relapse like deep breathing, calling friends and scripture memory so that I don't have to turn to that act anymore to cope with things going on in my life.


BRACE tool was key for me

the tool(B.R.A.C.E.) that the Freedom Fight teaches for resisting temptation has been extremely helpful. I was struggling with relapse and didn't have any real way to fight besides scripture and prayer. It wasn't until I learned about the B.R.A.C.E method from the Freedom Fight and started practicing it 3 times a day no matter what. Since then I have not relapsed and I am finally free after 4 years of pursuing purity.


Using the check-ins brought the largest growth in success

I personally started to see my largest growth in success when my group started using the check-ins through the Freedom Fight website. It allows you to easily report how you are doing that day and lays out your reports in an easy to understand calender that you can go back to and review to help you grow.


Escaping the hooks of porn has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done

I started watching porn at age 12. At the height of my addiction in high school and college I was looking at porn multiple times a day. Escaping the hooks it has had in my life has been the hardest thing I've ever done, but with the help of my small group and the Freedom Fight I've gotten to experience what freedom from porn feels like.


Almost a year and a half since last and the freedom is indescribable

The Freedom fight has been a huge blessing and weapon in my fight for sexual purity and has made all the difference. Having Godly standards for sexuality these days is very difficult, especially in our college setting, but leaning into Christ and accountability has actually transformed my brain and my habits. It has been almost a year and a half since my last relapse and the freedom is indescribable.


I am on the winning side of this battle and I could not be happier

I had tried to stop several times before but nothing ever worked. After seeking counsel from my mentor he told me about freedom fight and everything it had to offer. I went through Freedom Fight in its entirety over the next several months with some accountability partners and really put to use all of the tools this program had to offer me. Not only have I been free from sexual bondage for more than 3 months now but relationships within my family, friends, and most importantly my relationship with God have all been strengthened. This is a battle that I continue to fight in every single day, but thanks to Freedom Fight and BRACE(a FF tool) I am on the winning side of this battle and I could not be happier.... Read More >>

Jake W

For the first time the men I am leading have a clear roadmap to success

The Freedom Fight is the first program I have used where the men I am leading are experiencing genuine healing and freedom in their fight against porn addiction. For the first time the men I am leading have a clear roadmap to success, structure for accountability, and a passion for defeating addiction. The ease of use for participants and accessibility for leaders is exceptional. I will use this program as long as I am engaged in helping men find freedom from porn addiction.

Jake Welchans, Campus Ministry Director


Concrete steps and not just vague talk; freedom after 14 years!!

I started watching porn 20 years ago but was hooked on it for the last 14 years where I was acting out multiple times a week. I tried many times to quit, but no matter how hard I tried (my longest streak was 2 months of sobriety), I would always fall back into the trap. I almost gave up hope of getting free but the Freedom Fight has been a game changer for me in this battle. I went to a counselor multiple times but the Freedom Fight has been much more impactful.

The videos are convenient, easy to understand, and full of great knowledge. They explain about both the scientific and the spiritual aspects of recovery from pornography. In addition to knowledge, it gives you concrete steps to take not just vague talk. I never had to wonder what to do because the core applications and practices made it clear. The daily check-in feature helps you easily stay connected with your accountability partners.

I started the Freedom Fight six months ago and have been walking in freedom ever since. After 14 years that is amazing!!! I did not realize how much the addiction was affecting my whole life. I’ve noticed that I am now more confident, have better connections with others, and am able to more fully enjoy life.

I recently started to go back through the FF videos again because the content is so dense I don’t think you can really absorb it all the first time.
...


Freedom Fight was a game changer and made a huge difference immediately

FF teaching and community made the difference, I started watching porn in 5th grade and by middle school was watching it and acting out multiple times a week. This continued into high school and college. There were periods when I would act out daily or multiple times a day. I came to Christ in college and immediately felt that I needed to clean up this part of my life. I saw that it was a problem but every time I tried to stop or even cut back I would always fail. I could feel my addiction growing and how it was pulling me from God and even my relationship with people but felt helpless to stop.

The Freedom Fight was a game changer and made a huge difference immediately. Learning how porn was affecting my brain and learning ways to actually combat this rather than just trying harder to stop was exactly what I needed. The Freedom Fight gave me the knowledge, resources, and maybe most importantly, a group of men who were struggling in the same ways and were pursuing freedom together. As of now, I've had freedom from porn for over three years, something I never thought possible. Walking in freedom has taken so much weight off my shoulders and transformed my walk with God. I can more clearly feel the Spirit in my life and feel less distracted as I share God with my friends and lead others in their faith. I am now married and I’m living the life that I never thought possible when I was addicted to porn.
...


FF teaching and community made the difference

I did a couple years of counseling on and off, tried some recovery groups, online coaching, strict accountability, computer filters, vows of celibacy, etc. Nothing worked until Freedom Fight teaching and community of guys around me. I needed deeper and practical help and that is what the Freedom Fight gave me.
Mike, Overseas missionary


FF better than past counseling/therapy; now 7+ months free

I’ve been addicted to porn and masturbation for around 15 years. I actively tried for many years to break free by joining accountability groups, recovery programs, biblical counseling and even saw a certified sexual addiction therapist. All of these solutions were helpful in some ways, but none of them offered the resources I needed to heal and find lasting freedom from my addiction.

It wasn’t until I joined a Freedom Fight course offered through my church that I began experiencing freedom. I’d never before come across a more well rounded and comprehensive recovery program as Freedom Fight. The program addresses all facets of porn addiction and provided me with very practical as well as biblical resources to help uncover wounds of my past and grow in my awareness of internal emotions and external triggers making me vulnerable to temptation.

Before using Freedom Fight I struggled to open up to my wife about my sexual sin. After committing myself to the core practices in this program, I learned the power of living in honesty about my addiction. Through regular confession to my wife, I was able to rebuild the trust that my porn addiction threatened. She now walks with me as a partner and encourager in my fight for purity.

Furthermore, God has used Freedom Fight to transform my walk with Him. Before going through the program I was still a slave to the bondage of my sin. Now I walk confidently in my purity as Christ calls me to. I’ve now had seven months of abstinence from porn and masturbation and am helping other men find freedom as well.
...


I understand now why quitting was hard

Thank you freedom fight and Ted for give me the freedom that I was looking for and all for free when I started the program I was a big addict to porn and masturbation but as the days start passing I begin to understand why it was so difficult to quit. I found freedom when I do what Ted suggested - find a friend and ask for help I take me a lot of courage to call by name what was happening in my life but know in free, now I live more happy and now I serve God like never before. I want to say thank you Lord for a program like this that provides freedom to people addicted and all for free. If you read this and you are struggling with porn and you think there is no help I want to tell you that the freedom fight has an answer and a solution and If you don't believe me try it and you will see. There is help and it is free just take it.... Read More >>

Steve Shadrach

Facing the “porn tsunami”

The “porn tsunami” can feel overwhelming and impossible to conquer. The Freedom Fight is an incredible online resource that provides Biblical and practical tools for you (or your small group) to get on the path to purity. I highly recommend the Freedom Fight to anyone who wants help in winning this battle or who wants to be equipped to help others.

Steve Shadrach, Founder Student Mobilization
Author, Fuel and the Flame

Dr. Ted Roberts

Truly bring real freedom

The Freedom Fight is a battle cry for the next generation and I believe it can strike a holy fire in the souls of the future leaders of our world and the church that can truly bring real freedom.

Dr. Ted Roberts PSAP-S
Founder of Pure Desire Ministries International

Josh McDowell

A ready-made discipleship resource for pastors

The Freedom Fight porn addiction recovery program is a ready-made discipleship resource for pastors who want to equip their men to be godly husbands, fathers and leaders in the church. I cannot recommend highly enough.

The Freedom Fight is an answer to prayer for what I believe is the greatest threat facing the Church today...internet pornography. This program is a MUST for every Church today.

Josh McDowell
Speaker, Author, Evangelist, Apologist

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