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Accelerate your journey to freedom. You can go further faster with the right community around you. Premium Groups could be your solution to finally finding freedom for good.

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Built for You

Many of our Freedom Fight community members struggle to find the right small group to support their work towards freedom from pornography. However, consistent evidence shows that having a trusted small group where one can be open and vulnerable is essential for achieving lasting freedom.

If you struggle with this, we have developed Premium Groups with you in mind.

With a Premium Group, you can work with a Certified Freedom Fight Leader and small group that is fighting for freedom from pornography.

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Your Certified Freedom Fight Leader…

  • Is a real person, trained and certified by The Freedom Fight to support our community through group coaching
  • Will partner with you to celebrate wins and identify obstacles holding you back in your journey to freedom
  • Leads a digital small group of 4 to 6 people through their journey to freedom
  • Has proven success in guiding others
  • Is praying for you, partnering with you, and will journey along with you to freedom that lasts.


Your Certified Freedom Fight Leader will encourage and coach you as you pursue freedom.

They will be monitoring your success, temptations, and patterns of struggle and provide biblical support on your journey.

Accountability Group

You will be surrounded by a small-group of other committed people willing to pay for a higher level of accountability and coaching.

What’s the Risk?

This is a online small group solution to finding freedom from pornography. You will be weekly meeting with individuals that want the same thing with and for you.

Created With You in Mind

We know trusted community is essential to your journey to freedom, but it isn’t always possible. Finding a trusted group or community to support you in your addiction isn’t easy – we get that.

A small group, led by a trained Certified Freedom Fight Leader, could be essential to your journey.

Real Freedom Stories

The Freedom Fight offers one of the most impactful and thorough courses I have seen when it comes to helping people find freedom from porn and sex addiction. The course does a great job of integrating principles for addiction recovery from neuroscience, Biblical wisdom and psychology.


As a female campus minister, I went through the Freedom Fight with two female students. The Freedom Fight has been an incredible resource to help them understand the sexual addiction that they are dealing with. Knowing how the body responds during addictive thinking and developing tools to combat that thought process made a huge difference in creating new and healthy patterns.


As a college minister who is seeing the consequences of a pornified and sexually charged culture on a daily basis. I’ve taken dozens and dozens of college men through The Freedom Fight and it continues to prove life-changing every time.

Jason Doe



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