Which Accountability Software Is Best?

Before we dive in, it is important to evaluate what your needs are and what situation you or a loved one is in. Are you someone who is walking in freedom and wants to have a few key accountability partners that will continue to hold you accountable with safe internet search practices? Are you in the middle of your fight for freedom and need all the help you can get? Are you a parent who is trying to navigate healthy boundaries and conversations with your kids? Before choosing accountability software, it is important to understand some of the features being advertised:

Filtering/Blocking: This works by not allowing access to explicit material and having the ability to make designated URL’s unable to be accessed. Filtering software is not perfect, but it will eliminate possible unwanted websites from being accessed.

Web Address Reporting: This software does not block or filter any content, but reports the domain searched, when a website is flagged as explicit a report will be sent to the accountability partner.

Screen Accountability: This is the newest feature used. Software that uses screen accountability takes periodic screenshots and flags explicit ones to be reviewed by your accountability partners. Below is a short description of three accountability softwares on the market that we partner with. By using our code or link below you will receive a discount and we will receive a small portion that will support our ministry.

If you are currently going through the process of recovery, the single best thing you can do to ensure you do not have access to porn is to whitelist your iPhone. Whitelisting your phone means only allowing your phone to access approved websites. This is the best way to remove any access to porn. We have created a helpful resource with screenshots on How to Lock Up Your iPhone and Android.

Freedom Fight Review: Covenant eyes is by far the largest market shareholder for accountability software. It offers both screen accountability and has partnered with Cleanbrowsing which filters and blocks designated websites from being accessed. Another area Covenant Eyes puts its users first is by offering a wide range of customer support including email, chat, and by phone to make sure your software is working how you need it to.

Covenant Eyes works best when you have an accountability partner who is committed to reading and asking about your reports. To find the best results, iPhone users will need to use the Covenant Eyes app as their only browser. Android users will need to download the Covenant Eyes app then they will have device-wide accountability.

Key Features: Screen accountability. Covenant Eyes continuously captures screenshots of your phone at random, analyzes them, and sends blurred images to your accountability partners through email. This process is optimized to run in the background while having little impact on your device.

Privacy: Screenshots are blurred to protect your personal information and only shared with your chosen allies to maintain privacy.

Cost: $15.99/month. This includes 10 users and unlimited devices.

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Link: Click here to learn more.

Freedom Fight Review: Accountable2You offers real-time reporting giving users the ability to have immediate conversations about their internet browsing with accountability. While A2U is not blocking software, it reports your internet searches with a high level of accuracy, letting your accountability partners know when you are looking at objectionable content. A2U operates with your current internet browsers like Chrome or Safari while also pairing well with web content restrictions to limit unwanted viewing of explicit material on your iPhone/Android devices.

Key Features: Real-time reporting lets accountability partners or parents to engage in healthy dialog right away, and even helps prevent a relapse from happening. When a user searches a “highly objectionable” piece of content, it is flagged, and a description is sent to the accountability partners as a text or email within five minutes depending on the user’s preferred choice.

Security: All communication between the software and Accountable2You is transmitted over TLS security. A2U does not capture screenshots and they follow the industry standard for web security.

Cost: $7/month for an individual (6 devices), $12/month for a family plan (20 devices), other larger plans available.

Link: Click here to learn more.

Freedom Fight Review: Canopy is a parenting preventative software whose aim is to make the internet a safer place for you and your family. Canopy primarily blocks and filters whole websites, inappropriate parts of nonpornographic websites, and apps. Canopy works best if you are a parent and want to protect your children. However, it can also be used for those struggling themselves if you make the “parent” account your accountability partner.

Key Features: Canopy has strong blocking/filtering software that is unique to its competitors. It blocks inappropriate images and videos in web browsers, replacing them with harmless white rectangles. Canopy filters all websites, but does not filter inside apps (like Snapchat and Instagram). No other parental control app can filter in apps either. Canopy does give parents the power to block any app they think isn’t right for their family. Additionally, you can set different restrictions on different devices.

Additionally, Canopy prevents sexting because it automatically scans and analyzes photos taken on the device, as well as photos that are downloaded. Before the child device downloads or sends a photo, it will need to be approved by the parent.

Privacy: We don’t sell your data under any circumstances. Our servers are secure and we don’t keep any user data permanently. We don’t scan your emails, text messages, phone calls, or live video. Our goal is to protect your family, not invade your privacy.

Cost: $7.99/month for 3 devices. $9.99/month for 5 devices. $15.99/month for 10 devices.

Promo Code: freedomfight (Get 30 days free and 20% off.)

Link: Click here to learn more.