10 Days to do This Bible Study Addressing Porn Addiction.

by Freedom Fight | March 20, 2023

What Could You Do For 10 Days?

A 10-Day Challenge addressing identity and the roots of sex or porn addiction.

Ten Days.
240 Hours.
14,400 Minutes.
Okay, okay you get it. We won’t keep on with it….
(but 864,000 seconds if we did).

Whether or not ten days seems like a long time depends on what we are talking about: 

Returning to hockey practice ten days after a stroke?

Seems like a really short amount of time, but congratulations to Penguins’ defensemen, Kris LeTang, on his recent speedy recovery.

Ten days without food on a hunger strike?

Seems like a really long time, but that’s what prisoners in Las Vegas did to draw attention to what they saw as unfair conditions.

(I think it was actually nine days but close enough to double-digit territory.)

How about 10 days to immerse yourself in a study of Ephesians and how it impacts your understanding of your own identity and the roots of sex or porn addiction? 

Bible Study Addressing Porn Addiction

At Freedom Fight, we think this is 10 days worth investing in your own healing and wholeness. The Ephesian Christians lived in a hypersexualized culture and many of them were stuck in sexual sin. Before Paul addressed their sin, he reminded them of who they are in Christ. 

In this 10-Day Bible plan from the book of Ephesians, we’ll discover how Paul’s radical instructions to live out our identity in Christ also addresses the six roots of a sex or porn addiction. 

10 Days.

You are worth it.

Come along and learn how Identity Conquers Lust

Follow this Bible study on sex addiction and porn use.


Published: March 20, 2023  |   Community Quitting
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