The Freedom Fight

Equipping you to win the battle for sexual purity
"My team has evaluated over 100 different porn addiction recovery resources and they have concluded that the Freedom Fight is the best online addiction program in the world."
Josh McDowell
Author and Speaker

How the Freedom Fight works


Watch and Respond to over fifty 5-8 minute videos that unpack proven principles of recovery. Made easy through our mobile App


Practice and apply what you learn for life change. We will highlight Core Applications and Practices and help you monitor your progress.


Stay Accountable through the daily check ins, where you evaluate your progress and share how you’re doing with accountability partners.

Small Group Resources

Go through the Freedom Fight individually but if possible go through in a small group. Our small group resources provide everything you need for an effective small group experience: a leader’s guide, discussion questions along with other small group specific tools.

The entire program can be accessed through our mobile app!