The Freedom Fight

Equipping you to win the battle for sexual purity

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How The Freedom Fight Works

  • 1. Learn

    Learn by watching and responding to over fifty 5-8 minute videos that unpack proven principles of recovery.

  • 2. Practice

    Practice and apply what you learn for life change. We will highlight the core applications and practices and help you monitor your progress in doing them.

  • 3. Stay Accountable

    Stay Accountable through the daily check ins on the fight club calendar, where you monitor your progress and share how you're doing with up to five accountability partners that the fight club texts and/or emails your check ins to.

    Are you addicted?
  • Mobile Friendly

    Take The Freedom Fight with you wherever you go. This course is built to work on all popular devices including: iPhone, iPad, most Android phones, Tablets, and more.


What you'll experience


The neuroscience of addiction


True power for breaking free

Bottle of Meds

Discover what you are medicating

ID Card

Winning the shame & identity battle


Pinpoint & destroy the lies that keep you in bondage

Check mark

The power of daily check ins and accountability

car crash

Relapse prevention and surviving a crash


How to apply God's wisdom to your fight

Small Group Module

Watch the video to learn one of the reasons that your recovery goes further faster with small groups.

You can go through the Freedom Fight individually but if at all possible go through it in a small group. Our small group module provides everything you need for an effective small group experience: a leader’s guide, discussion questions, small group specific videos, multiple resources and tools (including the life changing FASTER scale) to help make your recovery group life changing.

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